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Coldilocks, Brandon Fraser, Our Podcast and more...

Hey Everyone!What would your Sunday be without this newsletter? Just another boring Sunday, right? Ma
It's All Mishegoss
Coldilocks, Brandon Fraser, Our Podcast and more...
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Hey Everyone!
What would your Sunday be without this newsletter? Just another boring Sunday, right? Maybe and maybe not, but we’re here to make your day no less boring.
Jump into the newsletter today and discover the stories we currated this week. Hopefully you haven’t seen or heard about them yet?
Have a great week!
Mark & Patti

What I Talked About This Week On The Podcast
How do you define your stride? Have you even done that before? This week I tackled the tough subject (kidding) about hitting your stride in this day and age. Let us know here your tricks and techniques for hitting your stride.
We’re not a huge fan of Brendan, but we did like him in a few of his movies and found this article to be very insightful and revealing. Check it out and let us know your feelings.
Who can resist an animal story like this? I never got to see Coldilocks in person. I’ve been to the Philly Zoo years ago, like when I was a kid (10) so that’s roughly over 50 years ago. No wonder I didn’t see her! 
Darn I’m old!
I wonder if Taco Bell could help?
The Mishegoss Files
Talk about moving on up? This price for happiness is unreal if you ask me. I just don’t get people these days!
This Is The New Price Of Happiness
Our grandkids and we’re sure yours also are extremely happy about this. Not sure the parents are with all of the sugars, but look on the bright side. As Grandparents we can fuel the grandkids with Lucky Charms, be heroes and then send the kids back to Mommy and Daddy!
Lucky Charms is adding a unicorn-shaped marshmallow to its cereal🦄
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