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Crime & DNA, Canada Rules, 3-D Houses, Batman and more...

Hey Friends!What a week! If we were a political newsletter we would have story after story about what
It's All Mishegoss
Crime & DNA, Canada Rules, 3-D Houses, Batman and more...
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Hey Friends!
What a week! If we were a political newsletter we would have story after story about what happened this week. There was no break for the news this week when it came to politics. We’re glad we don’t cover that!
Of course, if you looked deep enough in the news there were other important events and stories going on and we posted a few that we liked. 
As usual, I’m late with getting this out today, but I’ve found that maybe that isn’t such a bad idea. It gives me a chance to review the stories that I thought we should post and make changes at the last minute instead of going with my first edit. Fresh stuff!
We’d like to get your thoughts on the newsletter as it is now. Are you happy with the stories? How about the link to the podcast? Then there is the major question we’d like to know about, frequency?
Is once a week enough or would you like to see us go daily and forgo the weekend edition? If we went daily we were thinking maybe posting 2 or 3 stories of that day? 
Let us know your thoughts by clicking on the thumbs up or down and leaving a comment if you like? There are so many daily newsletters out there we don’t want to be just taking up space in your email. We do care!
Have a great week as always. Tune in and subscribe to my podcast at: It’s All Mishegoss on
Mark & Patti

News From This Week...
	Canadian cities lead North American rankings for quality of living | Canadian HR Reporter
Fur is dead: Animal welfare groups cheer San Francisco ban
My Podcast This Week...
From The Mishegoss Files...
Why DNA is Important
Yesterday’s Crimes: The Zodiac Killer DNA Profile That Never Was - March 21, 2018 - SF Weekly
Affordable Housing
This House Can Be 3D-Printed For $4,000
Future Thinking
El Salvador may host 3D-printed home community - Mar. 19, 2018
From the Bat Cave...Must Know Stuff
The 10 Bruce Wayne Facts Every Batman Fan Must Know
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