Drug War, Marilyn Pics, Zika, Monkeys, Farmers Markets, and more

Welcome to Sunday!It's been rough week for everyone. Whether you live in Nevada, New York, the United
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Drug War, Marilyn Pics, Zika, Monkeys, Farmers Markets, and more
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Welcome to Sunday!
It’s been rough week for everyone. Whether you live in Nevada, New York, the United States, and around the world there is no doubt everyone was affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas. The arguments for gun control will continue for ages. So we’ll stay away from that.
Listening. Do you listen to everything going on around you or do you have selective listening skills? We believe the skill of listening has been lost in both our personal and business lives. With everything moving so fast lately people are more concerned about how fast and loud they talk rather than listening.
Listening is a skill learned over time. It takes practice. Practice for hours and years before you have it mastered, and even then you sometimes slip up. Just ask Mark.
Mark wrote a post on Medium yesterday about being a better boss by listening. His take on the world today is that most bosses/owners don’t listen as much as they should. He did betterresearch on the subject of listening over the years and if you’re interested in reading what he learned click on this link.
With it being Sunday we’re figuring you are sitting there reading this and wanting to delve into the newsletter, so we will let you check it out. We’re figuring you’re anxious to see the pics of Marilyn Monroe, right? Or may it’s money island that survived the last hurricane? No matter what you’re checking out, just go out and enjoy your day.
We’ll see you again Tuesday!
Mark & Patti

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Farmers market lies exposed: hidden camera investigation (Marketplace) - YouTube
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Mini silkscreen press - YouTube
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