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Dumbo, Rape, iOS11, Environment, Beer, and more...

Tuesday and Mark has school with our grandkids which makes for a busy day around here and as much as
It's All Mishegoss
Dumbo, Rape, iOS11, Environment, Beer, and more...
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Tuesday and Mark has school with our grandkids which makes for a busy day around here and as much as we want to write a bunch of informative stuff the newsletter is full of great stuff today to keep you guys busy without spending a lot of time here.
Anyway, who wants to read boring stuff. Although Mark is spending a great deal of time talking about mentoring on our podcast, It’s All Mishegoss on In fact, we added the latest podcast from yesterday on the newsletter today, right on top. Yup! The first post is it and all you need to do is click on the link to listen. Enjoy.
This year we’ll be mentoring one student for sure from Fresno State and assisting others if they ask. We’re helping one student from last year who we’ve become friends with and enjoy hearing his ideas and working with him to help make his ideas come together. It’s loads of fun to work with these young people and see how they bring their ideas to life.
Don’t worry we’ll tell you more during the year of our adventures with these students and talk about their ideas and interview a few of them on the podcast.
Have a great Tuesday!
Mark & Patti
Note: There were some error/typos in the paragraphs above, so I went ahead and fixed them just now. Sorry for the typos. It happens!

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