Happy Hump Day/St. Patrick's Day

Happy Hump Day and Saint Patrick's Day (Friday).I'm excited for Saint Patrick's Day this year for mor
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Happy Hump Day/St. Patrick's Day
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Happy Hump Day and Saint Patrick’s Day (Friday).
I’m excited for Saint Patrick’s Day this year for more than the usual reason. I mean besides green beer, boiled dinners and four (4) leaf clovers all over we at Imperfect Writers of the World held a contest for Spring Limericks with Saint Patrick’s Day being the day of announcing the winner.
The judges are now reviewing the five (5) entrants so a winner can be picked and announced on Friday. We have four (4) judges working around the clock to pick us a winner.
Below are the five (5) entrants posts and the rules of the contest, so you get an idea of what we do at Imperfect Writers. After reading about the contest maybe you’ll join us as a writer and follower and enter next months contest?
In light of celebrating Hump Day and Sait Patrick’s Day I added a final story that bring us back to reality about games, board games that is and training in the CIA. I will only say I know this works well. that is all!
Have a great Hump Day & Saint Patrick’s Day!
Erin Go Bragh!
Mark & Patti

Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Happy Saint Patrick's Day
The Rules
The "5" Entrants
On A Serious Note
Why the CIA uses board games to train its officers - Mar. 13, 2017
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