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Human Trafficking, Prisons, Food & more...

Sometimes things don't work out as expected. Take for instance last  Sunday. I totally forgot on Satu
It's All Mishegoss
Human Trafficking, Prisons, Food & more...
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Sometimes things don’t work out as expected. Take for instance last  Sunday. I totally forgot on Saturday to prepare the newsletter for publication on Sunday. Sorry about that. It’s all my fault.
We’re back today though and ready to roll. We do have a question for you today before you get into reading. We’re thinking about publishing this newsletter more than once a week. Maybe 1 or 2 more issues besides the Sunday edition. The other one or two editions would only cover one or two stories each. The stories would cover the same content as we cover on Sunday. 
We find that there are some other stories that happen during the week that we feel you should know about before Sunday. But, if the publishing 1 or 2 more times a week would keep you from staying subscribed then all bets are off. We don’t want to lose you as readers.
So to decide this we need a vote. Just click on the thumbs up or down at the end of the newsletter. You don’t even have to comment unless you want. We love hearing from you, but we also know you’re busy. So a click will do. Thanks.
Now on with the show!
Have a great week!
Be Well,
Mark & Patti
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