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It's All Mishegoss - 200 Years Ago #108

Welcome to Wednesday or Hump Day if you prefer?How did your 4th go? Hope it was a great one. We had a
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - 200 Years Ago #108
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Welcome to Wednesday or Hump Day if you prefer?
How did your 4th go? Hope it was a great one. We had a traditional cookout and some fireworks later in the evening. Other than that it was a normal day.
We were talking a little before we published the newsletter today and it was all about the past. We were thinking what happened on the day after the 4th 50 or more years ago.
We picked 200 years for the heck of it and the first two stories are about that. Interesting enough the environment played an important role that summer. We were shocked and you may be as well.
With all of this in mind we are thinking of taking one day of the newsletter, Wednesday as a day to look back 50, 100 or longer on the news of that date.
What do you think? Give us a thumbs up or down below.
Other than that have a great Hump Day and see you tomorrow.
Mark & Patti

200 years ago today
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and 10 years ago!
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