It's All Mishegoss - Happy Birthday #97

We love it when everything comes together. How about you? What we mean is that right now it's back,ou
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Happy Birthday #97
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We love it when everything comes together. How about you? What we mean is that right now it’s back,our Friday on Thursday for the newsletter. We don’t publish another one till Sunday which is the beginning of next week. 
Hence, we are celebrating Thursday as Friday today which also is our son Andrew’s 20th Birthday. Happy Birthday Andrew!
So much to celebrate about. Our last teenager is not a teen any longer. God how they grow. Now all we have left to get through our grandkids. How about in your life? Do you still have teenagers at home or maybe younger? Or maybe it’s grandkids your doting on like we do now?
Either way isn’t great when a plan comes together? It seems in this day and age plans whichget changed, don’t happen as you planned or never happen. So when a plan does workout, it’s fantastic and a great feeling, right?
While we decide what we will do with our son for his birthday why not take a few to peruse the newsletter today and check out some of the articles we posted? Since we are celebrating Andrew’s day we won’t be around much to chat or answer comments, if you leave any, but when we get back, we will write back. Promise!
If you have a little extra time while reading this would you mind saying Happy Birthday to Andrew? We believe he’ll get a kick out of being recognized on the newsletter and by our friends who follow us. Thanks!
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