It's All Mishegoss - Issue #40

Welcome Back. It's Monday, and it's a great day. You're alive!It's a new week and a new branding of t
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Issue #40
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Welcome Back. It’s Monday, and it’s a great day. You’re alive!
It’s a new week and a new branding of the newsletter. I am trying to keep everything together under one name, so I decided I’d better get the newsletter under control.
As of today the new name of this newsletter is It’s All Mishegoss, which is the name of the blog, the podcast, and this newsletter! I hope it makes things easier for everyone?
As for today’s newsletter, I did my best to find some great links to click on and read. I covered the usual health issues, holiday gift concerns and much more.
So read on. Share if you wish, but most of all enjoy.
*** P.S. I didn’t forget a Christmas song either. Enjoy Harry Connick Jr. & his Winter Wonderland!
By The Way. There are 20 Days till 2017…The countdown Begins!
Happy Holidays

A Few Links To Kick Off Your Week!
Polar Bears & The Environment
I believe most of you have heard or read in my post about my work with Greenpeace in the old days? Wel,l I may not be working actively with them, but I believe in their ideas. I also believe in keeping the environment in check. Which means watching others who don’t care.
It takes a lot of outside work to do that, but when you have writers like Dan Zukowski, it helps a great deal. Thanks Dan for your writings, photographs, and concern about the environment. It does make a difference.
Read his post below!
Still Waiting for the Sea Ice – invironment – Medium
More Security For The Years Ahead
  Protect your privacy during Trump’s reign: A hacker’s guide to being cyber-safe -
What To Read Before 2017?
The 18 Best Fiction Books Of 2016 | The Huffington Post
Health, Food & Sex! It's All Connected
7 Foods for Better Sex | TIME
Illustrated Food Anatomy: Holiday Gift For Foodies - mindbodygreen
Looking Ahead To 2017
Try These Affirmations And See How Your Life Is Changing - 1body1health
I Didn't Forget Your Christmas Song!
Harry Connick, Jr. - Winter Wonderland - YouTube
Just Thinking!
Just Thinking!
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