It's All Mishegoss - Issue #45

Another weekend over. Back to Monday, less than a week before the big day. One last time I promise, i
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Issue #45
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Another weekend over. Back to Monday, less than a week before the big day. One last time I promise, is you shopping done? I just had to ask!
I spent yesterday overlooking the news on the internet for the stories that make us It’s All Mishegoss, and I believe I found some great ones?
What I am going to ask you now is for everyone that reads this newsletter for a very special Christmas Gift for me. I know I’m selfish, but what the heck, I’m 62 and can be forgiven for asking for gifts, right?
I would like everyone that subscribes or reads this newsletter on Medium to share it with others so that our subscriber base can get bigger either here or on Medium. For that, I would be extremely grateful.
The rest, as they say, is history. Check out the stories and hope you enjoy your Monday. See you Tuesday!

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Thanks, Mark!
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!
Leave It To Apple!
Since I Am Battling Them I Figured This Was Perfect
Why A Muslim Registry? Why Not One For The Rich?
Want To Know More About Earth?
Another Mannequin Contest. the Winner Is?
History In The Making In L.A.
Health In The News...Food, Soda, etc.
This Sounds Great. I'm Going To Try It!
More Environmental News
What A Genius!
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