It's All Mishegoss - Issue #68

It's a Mishegoss Sunday for sure. Hi Everyone and welcome to the Sunday edition. We lost two great le
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Issue #68
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It’s a Mishegoss Sunday for sure. 
Hi Everyone and welcome to the Sunday edition. 
We lost two great legends this week in the music industry, James Cotton, and Chuck Berry. Both brought intensity to the music world and the musicians who make it up. RIP to James and Chuck!
In other news, 60 Minutes decided finally it was time to hook up with Sesame Street. I don’t know who made the bigger coup, 60 Minutes or Sesame Street. For me, I’m voting Sesame Street and Big Bird.
The last story I posted is a must to read. With all of the crap going on today in politics with the Russians and other countries that are spying on us or us spying on them the last story sums it all up nicely.
I’ll let the rest of the stories speak for themselves. Mainly because I have some stuff to fill you in on right now.
As you know we had a contest again on Imperfect Writers of the World, and we did announce a winner on St. Patrick’s Day as promised, that winner was Soham Dutta and his Limerick “Spring Up.”  Congrats go out to Soham for a great example of a Limerick.
Also, check out my new publication Imperfect Recipes of the World and read my latest post “The Pie That Couldn’t.” This post is all about our St. Patrick’s Day meal and the pie that I so wanted everyone to enjoy. The only problem was you needed to eat it fast to enjoy. Read the post I believe you’ll get a laugh like everyone in the family did.
I’ll let you go so you can enjoy your Sunday now. I took enough of your time for today. See you all here on Wednesday for Hump Day. 
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Mark & Patti

James Cotton, Giant Of The Blues Harmonica, Dies At 81 : The Record : NPR
60 Minutes goes to "Sesame Street" - CBS News
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Talk About Spying On Us!
Vibrator Maker To Pay Millions Over Claims It Secretly Tracked Use : The Two-Way : NPR
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