It's All Mishegoss & Music - Issue #70

Welcome Friends to Sunday at It's All Mishegoss!Hope you're having a great weekend so far? Maybe I ca
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It's All Mishegoss & Music - Issue #70
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Welcome Friends to Sunday at It’s All Mishegoss!
Hope you’re having a great weekend so far? Maybe I can add a little reading enjoyment to your Sunday, or at least I hope so?
This week I noticed more music stories than usual and I thought I should cover a few of them. I mean we all like music right? We may not have the same taste, just like art, but music if the language of the world as some would say.
Music has played an important part in my life since I can remember. I played the piano, accordion, saxophone, and drums over the course of my lifetime. Most of the time it was Piano and Sax. I just loved the tenor sax. The piano was my way of dealing with stress and loneliness as a kid.
I was taught to play jazz and progressive music on the keyboards. I had two great teachers. One was Keith Emerson before becoming famous, and the other was a Jazz musician in Paris who agreed to take me on. Great stuff and memories.
I feel that in today’s world the music we listen too has its place for all ages. I’ve never been a rap fan, but there are days and some rap songs that just fit the mood I’m in. I believe that’s the truth for all music for all ages.
For instance this morning I woke up hearing Frank Sinatra coming from outside our bedroom. At first, I thought it was the neighbors, but then realized it was our 20-year-old son. I never thought I would hear him play some Frank. The song was Fly Me To The Moon. 
When I asked him if he was listening to my Spotify, he said, “No, I have this on my account, I like this.” A man after my own heart.
Well, it’s time for me to go. I’m listening to some Talking Heads right now as I write this, but its time for a little Summer Wind by Frank.
Enjoy your Sunday,
Mark & Patti

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