It's All Mishegoss - Thursday #117

Good Day Friends! We don't know about your week, but ours flew by. Maybe it's the summer heat that's
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Thursday #117
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Good Day Friends! We don’t know about your week, but ours flew by. Maybe it’s the summer heat that’s making it fy by albeit not fast enough for some of us.
What do you think of when you read or hear the word addict? Would you think the parents of a child playing soccer or baseball are sitting there in the bleachers watching their child or children play like everything is okay only to overdose during the game? That happened in West Virginia and the paramedics had to administer Narcan to reverse the overdose while children watched including the child of the parents.
This all went on while parents made comments in the background which you will read about today in our newsletter. What we want you to think about is this isn’t just happening in West Virginia, it’s happening all over the United States. We as individuals don’t have to take ownership for this epidemic, but we need to be concerned now more than ever.
Narcan is the new drug to, depending on how you look at it be a lifesaver or an enabler?
You can read more about drugs, overdosing, and Narcan in the newsletter today. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section by clicking on a thumbs up or down and then writing your comment.
The rest of the newsletter is full of stories that we feel you should hear or read about this week. It’s always a crap shoot when choosing stories for this newsletter. Mishegoss is such a large niche of topics and we always wonder whether we covered the best ones? Let us know if this newsletter is as informative as we hope it is. Thanks.
Mark & Patti

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