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It's All Mishegoss - Thursday #93

It's Thursday already and we made it this far with the new publishing schedule. Not bad! How do you l
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Thursday #93
By It's All Mishegoss • Issue #93 • View online
It’s Thursday already and we made it this far with the new publishing schedule. Not bad! 
How do you like it so far? Not just the schedule, but the content and rebrand? That’s the most important part to us.
In changing It’s All Misehgoss we are still working on what will work and what won’t. Today for example, we posted stories from all walks of life on the internet.
Some of the stories are main stream and others are not exactly out there in front of you. Maybe that’s what you like to see and maybe not, but if you don’t let us know how will we know what you do and don’t like? Come on tell us below with a thumbs up or down and then comment.
Nothing more to say today except see you on Sunday!
Mark & Patti

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I don’t know how good this book is, but it looks good!
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