It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #115

Hi Everyone! We're back and we're ready to go. New week, new stories, and new ideas so let's get goin
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #115
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Hi Everyone! We’re back and we’re ready to go. New week, new stories, and new ideas so let’s get going!
Organization. Something we all think about and want to achieve, right? LAst week I read a ton of stuff on people and techniques for getting organized in life, work, and play. Amazingly the majority of the articles were lists of ways to get organized and they weren’t short lists either. Some of them listed 10 steps to organize your life while other listed over 10.
What we were thinking after reading these articles was it would take us steps just to read the articles and then organize the steps to get organized. Seems like a lot of work, doesn it?
We have an easier way and we believe after testing it out over and over with friends it works. It’s called motivation. One word and one step. Get motivated to get organized. That’s all it takes. It sounds to simple right? To be honest, it is, and it isn’t. If you aren’t a motivated person, then you may run into issues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get motivated and then organized.
All we can tell you is it works. Get motivated first and then get to organizing your life, your work, and your playtime. Take that moment in the day to get your thoughts together (motivating thoughts) and then put them to good use organizing. You’ll find you can organize anything and everything with just some simple motivational thoughts.
***By the way we posted the link to our podcast all about Organization. It’s a good listen. It’s right on the top down below!
Need some motivational thoughts to get organized? Reach out to us by clicking on the thumbs up or even down and let us know. We’ll be glad to help you out!
Now onto the news that’s fit to read.
Mark & Patti

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