It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #91

Since we started this newsletter some 90 issues ago, we've published different styles and layouts to
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #91
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Since we started this newsletter some 90 issues ago, we’ve published different styles and layouts to see which one readers like. We’ve tried posting surveys, but most people don’t want to be bothered answering questions and we understand that.
Our issue is in trying to build a newsletter that people want to read and follow/subscribe. We want a newsletter that people will enjoy getting in their inbox. A newsletter that they enjoy reading and sharing with others. Hence our quest with surveys and questions and trials of styles.
Where this all leads is to today’s newsletters. Number 91 to be exact. We can’t believe we’re publishing number 91 today. Then again we are extremely happy that we are at #91.
When we started It’s All Mishegoss it was based on a memory. The memory of a friend who use to yell when he entered my business, “this is mishegoss. It’s all mishegoss.” To which we would kick back, laugh and agree.
In thinking about this the past few days we thought that It’s All Misehgoss defines a lifestyle. A way to live life and enjoy it, be inspired by it, and immersed in it. Madness, craziness, insanity, with a little sanity thrown in isn’t a bad way to live, right?
This leads us to this new idea, rebranding so to speak of It’s All Mishegoss. We’re working on the concept of lifestyle. That It’s All Mishegoss defines, a lifestyle. A lifestyle to enjoy, live, and never regret. A lifestyle to immerse yourself into. Food, travel, health, business, life, parenting, and anything else that fits a lifestyle redone. That’s where we’re headed with this rebranding. Where it ends up who knows?

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