It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #124

It's a hot day here in Fresno. How about in your neck of the woods? This test of our tolerance of ove
It's All Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #124
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It’s a hot day here in Fresno. How about in your neck of the woods? This test of our tolerance of over 100 degree weather is getting the best of us, at least here where we live.
Speaking of where we live, our podcast It’s All Mishegoss is changing homes once again. You know we love change, right? So we made this switch, but it isn’t just for us. It’s about you this time. With this change you will be able to reach out to us directly. Yup, that’s correct. You can voice your opinions when you listen to a podcast on Anchor.
That’s the name of the app to download, Anchor! It’s a great app for podcasts that we have played with for a while and now made the final commitment to roll over to using it. So glad we are making the move.
Another feature is interviews. By dialing anyone directly from our iPhones we can host a podcast and interview without using a speakerphone or any other techy thing to bring two people together on a podcast. It works great and we’re looking forward to trying it out. Want to be interviewed? Let us know.
Enough of the podcast and changes. We’ll be talking more about it in the coming weeks and months so don’t worry. We won’t let you forget.
Now on to reading and enjoying the newsletter. Have a great Hump Day!
Mark & Patti

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