Jerry Lewis, The Jetsons, The Eclipse, Soccer Moms, etc!

Welcome Everyone!Are you ready for some eclipse? That's right a little eclipse before football is goo
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Jerry Lewis, The Jetsons, The Eclipse, Soccer Moms, etc!
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Welcome Everyone!
Are you ready for some eclipse? That’s right a little eclipse before football is good for the soul. Agreed? If you are going to view the eclipse, make sure you have taken the correct precautions for looking eclipse,at the sun. The warnings are all over the web and there are so many ways to view the eclipse without damaging your site, so please read and follow the instructions for the proper way to view and remember, enjoy!
On a Personal Note:
Jerry Lewis passed away today. He was 91 and died of natural causes. I had the honor of meeting Jerry Lewis in September of 1976, the year Frank Sinatra brought Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis together on the telethon after years of begin apart. It was a fantastic moment, and I was glad to be there. I had just graduated college and after interning over the summer at a stock brokerage house in NY a few of us were flown to Las Vegas to present a check to Jerry Lewis. If I remember right, and I do the check was for Five Million Dollars. I’ll remember that forever.
It wasn’t the last time I was there either. I made four or five more visits to the telethon over the years representing my own investment firm. I’m going to miss him!
We tried to get you a great collection of stories from around the globe perfect  for  your Sunday read or at least we think so.
So we’ll let you get to enjoying the newsletter and be ready for an announcement on Tuesday about something that’s happening soon at It’s All Mishegoss.
Mark & Patti

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