Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #9

Good Morning! Hope everyone survived Hump Day? If not there is always next week or the week after or
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Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #9
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Good Morning! Hope everyone survived Hump Day? If not there is always next week or the week after or even the week after that. I mean sooner or later you have to survive Hump Day, right?
Today I am going to experiment with something on the newsletter. I am not going to comment on any article. I’m going to add a title and just the link and a little info and see how this does.
To be honest, I haven’t had anyone sign up for the newsletter except for me and Patti my wife. I’m not complaining since this is a new newsletter and I know it takes the time to get subscribers.  On the other hand, I’m wondering if it’s me and my writing?
Anyway, hope this works. We shall see!
P.S. I’ll be trying different ideas as I come up with them so please have patience as I try to make this newsletter what I believe you want. 

Cyber Crisis Looming?
The Next President Will Face a Cyber Crisis Within Their First 100 Days — The Five Best Ideas of… – The Aspen Institute – Medium
Tiny Cottages Take Root
Great escapes: The world's most beautiful cottages  - CNN.com
Drain the Med
The Bizarre Plan to Drain the Mediterranean: Atlantropa - YouTube
My Last Political Post About Hillary
Hillary Clinton's History of Talking About Glass Ceilings - ABC News
Who Do You Hate More?

Most only know Hitler and
Stalin from History Channel
and history books...

Who do you hate more?"
Colorful Thoughts!
So I couldn’t resist adding a little bit to the end of the newsletter. 
In true fall thinking, I was contemplating some new ideas today for the blog The Life of Papa, the podcast It’s All Mishegoss and the possibility of combining the two. Not sure how it would work out, but with a colorful thinking cap on right now something will come up. Stay Tuned!
Colorful Thoughts!
Colorful Thoughts!
On A Final Note!
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