Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #24

Welcome Back! I know you're probably not in the mood to hear that or be all happy and excited about M
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Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #24
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Welcome Back! 
I know you’re probably not in the mood to hear that or be all happy and excited about Monday, but what the heck it’s a short week. So be happy!
I’m keeping the newsletter short and sweet today. Figure you have enough to handle with it being Monday Morning. Right?
I have some changes I am working on and a new survey I will be posting this week for everyone to answer. It’s a way to help me out for the coming new year.
I’ll also be doing a podcast this week for the holiday and sharing it here for everyone listen too. 
By the way, just a heads up on numbers for this newsletter. We are still at four subscribers. My goal if to get more readers of course and I could use some help from everyone. The more you share, the more there is a chance other will see this newsletter and subscribe.
The only thing I can offer you for your sharing is a huge Thank You. I hope that will do for now.
Have a great Monday. Thanksgiving is almost here.

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