Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #34

Welcome to Saturday!So you made it to the weekend, and it's a few weeks from Christmas, and you haven
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Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #34
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Welcome to Saturday!
So you made it to the weekend, and it’s a few weeks from Christmas, and you haven’t started shopping yet. Now, what?
I want to help you get out there and shop. To do that I am not going to have a bunch of links today. I don’t want to be the reason you didn’t get any shopping done by hanging out at the computer reading my links.
To get you in the mood my first link is the best song I can think of at Christmas Time and Back to School time. Who better than Andy Williams to get you in the mood.
Now get out there and shop and remember I helped you get out today. So be very nice when you buy me a gift. LOL
Happy Holidays!

This is it. Two, That's Right, Two
As I said a short and sweet newsletter. One song and one place to shop for that gamer in your life. I’m not a paid sponsor either; I just wanted to help you out a little.
If this isn’t the store you need then by all means, go to Costco, Sams, or BJ’s warehouses. If you can’t find something at one of these all that’s left is Target and Walmart. Then if nothing you’re shit out of luck as they say!
Good luck and happy shopping. 
The Holiday Song Of All Holiday Songs
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, a song by Andy Williams on Spotify
Shop Game Stop. I'm Not a Paid Sponsor.
Pokémon Sun and Moon at Game Stop 20% Savings + $100 Sweepstakes
Something Healthy-Before I Go!
This roast chicken will help you win anyone's heart -
To Set The Mood
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