Prince Harry, Cassini, iPhone X, Parkinson's, and more

Hello Everyone. Sunday. New Week. Middle of the month. Fall is on its way!Welcome to all of our new s
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Prince Harry, Cassini, iPhone X, Parkinson's, and more
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Hello Everyone. Sunday. New Week. Middle of the month. Fall is on its way!
Welcome to all of our new subscribers. Glad you joined our twice a week newsletter. As you know if you read our description we scour the web for stories that aren’t at the top of the news feed, but still are interesting, important, and we feel you should know about them.
We’re not always perfect in the stories we choose, but that’s where you come in. If you don’t like our choices just let us know what you would like to see more of. We can make it happen. All you have to do is click the thumbs up or down at the bottom of this newsletter and comment. Then we get it and we’ll make Instead,changes.
We’re not going to do a countdown to the holidays as we’ve so many doing on blogs and Twitter. Instead, all we will do is tell you to keep an eye on the commercials for toys on television. That alone was enough will keep you updated Welcomewhat’s new in toys, if you’re kids or grandkids haven’t already like ours and in its own way will constantly remind you of how close we are to the holidays. Thank you very much. Maybe it’s time for a class action law suit like they’ve done for tobacco to keep toy commercials either to a minimum or off the air? Then again we love hearing the kids get excited.
Depending on when you read this letter what did you do or are you doing on this Sunday? How’s the weather where you are? Around here in Fresno the weather is changing for the better. By that we mean cooler. Mark can’t handle the heat being from the East Coast. We’ve seen him doing a snow dance outside the house often thinking it may work. That was when it was 108 degrees outside.
Whatever you’re doing today or did we hope it was and is great. Have a great today and see you on Tuesday! 
Mark & Patti

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