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RIP McCain Sailors, Jim Messina, Walking, Leading Women, and more

We had a hard time picking the stories we posted. There were so many great ones as wellwe could have
It's All Mishegoss
RIP McCain Sailors, Jim Messina, Walking, Leading Women, and more
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We had a hard time picking the stories we posted. There were so many great ones as wellwe could have posted, but it would be overkill. We decided that we needed to keep a few of the great ones in our pocket for Sunday’s newsletter so you’ll have good reading then as well.
When you hear the word mindful or mindfulness what do you think of? For us it’s about knowing or understanding what’s around you. Maybe it’s the food you are eating or cooking. Maybe it’s your job, God forbid, and maybe it’s just about life and what’s going on in that moment. So what are you thinking about right now?
Mindfulness is something five-daywe should all become acquainted with. Whether it applies to life, food, health or anything else we should take that moment to understand it and use it. Mindfulness or being mindful just makes things around us more vivid and exciting.
For example, we whattook a class about three weeks ago through Darya Rose called Mindful Eating. It was a five-day class to get you more mindful of your food as you eat. It makes for a great way to take your time to enjoy your food which also helps you to lose weight. You can check it out on Facebook by clicking this link Mindful Meal Challenge. Check it out and join the group. It’s only five days and we guarantee you’ll like it and it’ll help.
It’s time to acquaintedget some work done today. We have a podcast to get out for It’s All Mishegoss and we need to curate more stories for Sunday.
Till Sunday have a great day and weekend. 
Mark & Patti

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One of my favorite albums from Jim Messina. This is one of many great songs on it. Check it out and also check him out in concert if he comes your way. We did in January this year and it was one of the best concerts we had seen. 
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