Women in Business, Habits, Wind Farms, and more

Hey Everyone! How's your weekend going so far? For many of us it's back to work tomorrow. Just rememb
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Women in Business, Habits, Wind Farms, and more
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Hey Everyone! How’s your weekend going so far? For many of us it’s back to work tomorrow. Just remember it’s not Monday. It’s just another day.
This week we had planned on changing a few things around on the newsletter, but sorry to say it didn’t happen. Hopefully, changes we be ready for November. What are the changes you may be asking? We’re asking that same question. We are toying around with a few different ideas right now. So stay tuned.
Do you have any bad habits? Would you like to dump them? People accumulate bad habits. Studies have shown that it takes from 30 to 45 days to get a habit. Think about that. Within 30 days you could start a bad habit, one you end up having for life.
Amazingly as fast as it is to start a habit it of course takes longer to get rid of one. And that’s what Mark’s podcast (it’s down below or click here) was about this week. Habits both forming good one and breaking old ones. Breaking or replacing a bad habit isn’t easy, but it is doable. It takes persistence and willpower.
As for picking up a new habit, well if you listen to the studies out there you should be able to get that going within 45 days at the most. Try it out and see if they’re right. We know some people who have tried that and it works. Mark is one of them and that’s why he podcasted about it and runs seminars about it.
Enjoy todays newsletter and we will see you Tuesday!
Mark & Patti

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