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You're Welcome, Carbs, Cavemen, and more...

Hey Everyone!Another Sunday, another selection of stories we think you'll enjoy.One thing we want to
It's All Mishegoss
You're Welcome, Carbs, Cavemen, and more...
By It's All Mishegoss • Issue #169 • View online
Hey Everyone!
Another Sunday, another selection of stories we think you’ll enjoy.
One thing we want to mention today and we’re excited about it is our new website. It’s up and running, albeit we haven’t really filled it with stuff yet, but that’s coming.
Healthy Broccoli (a corny name we know, but…) came up when Patti and I were talking about how we could get back into writing about health. The only catch we had was we didn’t want to be like most of the other health sites. 
You know the ones with all the experts and guru’s writing about how healthy they are and how you can get like them. Nope, this one is different.
You’ll just have to check it out to find out more at Healthy Broccoli.
With that said let’s get on with the show!
Be Well and Have a Great Week!
Mark & Patti

What I talked About & Found Interesting!
I went into details the other day about this topic after reading an article in the Huffington  Post. Both are posted here for you to hear and read.
Digging up Stuff!
Think Healthy Broccoli (our new site)
Found in the Mishegoss Files!
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